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about double tommy

addicted to storytelling

double creativity

double tommy filming a vlog

double tommy was born from the collaboration of Tommaso Barbetta, a filmmaker, and Tommaso Negri, a photographer.

Their journey together started in 2022 with the creation of a YouTube channel. Why did they open a YouTube channel? Because they wanted to test a hypothesis: there is a better way to tell stories online. They experimented, learned from their mistakes, fine-tuned their style, and improved continuously. Eventually, they mastered the most important aspect of content production: understanding what moves the audience.

We tell stories that resonate with people and aim to help you do the same.


Oh, I forgot one detail. We are called double tommy as the two founders share the same name: tommy. Once you know it, you'll never forget it.

Recent Awards

founder receiving an award


to celabrate our last achievement

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